Tacita Dean | Geography Biography

An exhibition in which a lifetime of memories can be traced through the details, outtakes and anecdotes.

Alexander Tovborg | Dante’s Divine Comedy

Art reflects life in one artist's quest to represent one of the world’s greatest works of literature.

Trine Søndergaard | Blind Side

Søndergaard is interested in untold stories, the hidden and unseen – and in finding and granting these stories visibility and significance.

Ragnar Kjartansson | Repent & Fire

Prints encapsulating humorous anecdotes, as well as more universal stories of fear and loss.

Matt Saunders | Technique, improvisation and invention

Finding inspiration through an open approach to employing traditional printmaking techniques

Julie Mehretu

The development of two significant series of prints

Jockum Nordström | Behind the scenes

The creative process behind the 'The Copenhagen Suite 2023'

Fiona Tan | Shadow Archive

A strange glow pervades a collection of endless archival drawers.

Al Taylor

In his work, Al Taylor gave objects and ordinary routines a life of their own through his innovative and humorous approach to investigating and envisioning the world and what it could be.