BORCH Collective is a chance for you to experience art in your home and to discover a world of original prints.

As a member of BORCH Collective, you get the unique opportunity to experience a range of original prints within your own home. Six framed prints from BORCH Editions circulate between you and five other members, over a period of half a year.

With BORCH Collective we want to challenge and surprise you. We compose a series of diverse prints by six contemporary artists. Over the course of six months, you will be introduced to various artists and printing techniques. If you want to acquire a print from BORCH Editions we offer an exclusive, members-only discount: The total cost of your membership will be deducted from the price of your purchase.

Please note that this offer is currently only available in Copenhagen. Feel free to email us if you would like to arrange your own group of six members in your area.

The next group will start in spring 2024.

335 DKK per month

Six prints circulate between you and five other members
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What constitutes a membership of BORCH Collective?

As a member of BORCH Collective, you will join a small group of six members with whom you share the experience of borrowing six selected prints. Every month you receive a new print, at the same time as you pass on a print.

The principle of circulation makes the six prints reach all members of the group over the course of six months. You undertake to participate in all six months. For participation you pay a monthly fee of dkk 335 / € 45. The total cost of dkk 2.010 / € 270 can be deducted from the purchase price if you choose to buy a print. This discount is valid for up to three months after the membership has ended.

Create your own group

Can I form a group myself?

You can join a group with one or more friends or form your very own group of six members. In that case, please note the names and email addresses of members with whom you want to form a group, when you register.
Otherwise, we will form groups based on the stated addresses. We strive to group people from the same areas of Copenhagen to make it easy to meet and exchange prints.


Do I have to live in Copenhagen to join BORCH Collective?

For now, BORCH Collective is an offer for people living in Copenhagen. However, if you are able to form your own group of six members in other areas of Denmark, we would be happy to welcome you.


How do I get the first print?

All groups start at BORCH Editions printmaking studio in Amager, Copenhagen. Here you will be introduced to who we are, to printmaking, and you will receive the first print. When you register for membership, you will receive more information about this.


How do I hang the prints in my home?

All prints are framed. The frames are equipped with a suspension rail on the back. A set of nails are included, on which you can hang the changing prints during the six months of your membership. We strive for the prints to have a size that makes it possible for you to hang the changing prints on the same spot.


How do the different prints circulate?

As a member, you are responsible for circulating a print every month. After the kick-off meeting, you will coordinate with the other members of your group to deliver and receive the circulating prints. We will send out friendly reminders about this.


Am I responsible for potential damage of the framed prints?

No. The print is insured by BORCH Editions during the entire lending period, and also during transportation. However, it is essential to follow the guidelines for packing and to use the provided packaging during transport. When handing over the first print, we ask you to sign a corresponding loan agreement.


When do I have to pay?

For participation, you will pay a monthly fee of dkk 335 / € 45 for six months. At the completion of the six months, the six deposits can act as a discount if you choose to buy a print.

Original prints

What is an original print?

All prints from BORCH Editions are original and printed in a limited edition. The term original print is used to describe prints that were conceived as a print and came into being by impressing an inked matrix (printing plate) made by the artist onto a support (paper). Original prints are signed and numbered by the artist.


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Starting sprint 2024 in Copenhagen

Please note

At the moment, we offer BORCH Collective only in Copenhagen.
If you register for a fully booked group you will automatically be registered for the next group.
Please contact us if you would like to form your own group with your friends or colleagues.

Thanks for signing up. You will receive an email confirmation with more info about BORCH Collective.