BORCH Collective is a chance for you to experience art in your home and to discover a world of original prints.

As a member of BORCH Collective, you get the unique opportunity to experience a range of original prints within your own home. Six framed prints from BORCH Editions circulate between you and five other members, over a period of half a year.

With BORCH Collective we want to challenge and surprise you. We compose a series of diverse prints by six contemporary artists. Over the course of six months, you will be introduced to various artists and printing techniques. If you want to acquire a print from BORCH Editions we offer an exclusive, members-only discount: The total cost of your membership will be deducted from the price of your purchase.

45 EUR / 335 DKK per month

Six prints circulate between you and five other members
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Starting 5 November 2022 in Copenhagen

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