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Emma Kohlmann | Etchings and Monotypes

Installation view, Copenhagen showroom

For her etchings and monotypes, currently on display in our Copenhagen showroom, Emma Kohlmann draws on an archive of figures and motives she has developed in her practice as a painter. The creatures that inhabit her prints are products of her imagination – fantastical beings in a state somewhere between human and animal.

‘For these specific prints, I was inspired by the traces of nature I found during my stay in Copenhagen, the early signs of spring that appear in the city, like the tiny buds which appear on shrubs from one day to the other’, Kohlmann explains. ‘But I am also referring to the universal experiences of suddenly being impacted by the reawakening force of nature in spring’.

Opening hours
Wednesday – Friday 11 am – 4 pm
as well as the first Saturday of each month
11 am – 4 am and by appointment.

Untitled, 2023, monotype (unique)
Untitled, 2023, monotype (unique)

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