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Emma Kohlmann | Etchings and Monotypes

Untitled, 2023, sugar lift aquatint, spit bite aquatint

Emma Kohlmann draws on an archive of figures and motives she has developed in her practice as a painter.

The etchings and monotypes Kohlmann created with BORCH Editions are inspired by the traces of nature she found during her stay in Copenhagen: the early signs of spring in the city, buds which appear on shrubs from one day to the other. But at the same time they refer to the universal experience of suddenly being impacted by the reawakening force of nature in spring.

Kohlmann approached her work by experimenting with several printing techniques before ultimately picking the ones she found best served her motives, often combining several techniques in one print. “Working on copper plates is complex, but with the experienced master printers guiding me through the process, the challenges and obstacles I faced along the way turned out to be very productive”.

While test printing or waiting for the acid to bite its way into the copper plates, she started making monotypes, which are unique prints created by painting directly on a flat surface. Working with monotypes allowed Kohlmann to draw from her practice as a painter. “At the same time, I enjoyed not being able to fully control what happened when the paper was run through the press, and specific gestures or brushstrokes were changed in ways I could not have imagined.”

I am fascinated by things that may appear grotesque at first, but then reveal their beauty during the process of looking.

Emma Kohlmann
Untitled, 2023, monotype
Untitled, 2023, monotype
Polishing the copper plate before pulling a print
Emma Kohlmann working on a monotype

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