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Matt Saunders

We are proud to present recent etchings and photogravures by the American artist Matt Saunders in BORCHs Butik.

In his most recent prints, Matt Saunders has worked with movie stills, which as is typical for him, contain personal references. He creates poetical, but very approachable depictions of personal motifs, which explore the potential of materials. With a sophisticated knowledge of printing techniques and great consciousness of their effect, he experiments openly with various techniques, creating an effect of almost tangible texture and depth.

Saunders brings together multiple materials – such as oil paint, linen, various types of ink and mylar—to create paintings that function as ‘negatives’ for exposing photographic paper. Saunders’ ruminations about medium and his interrogation of the qualities of materials are extended in his series of complex prints.

Matt Saunders, Landscape III (Bright Forest), 2015

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