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Matt Saunders | The Institute of Arab and Islamic Art, New York

Matt Saunders, ‘Landscape III (Bright Forest)’, 2015

BORCH Editions artist Matt Saunders is currently exhibiting with Daniele Genadry at the Institute of Arab and Islamic Art, New York.

Titled Six Paintings, the exhibition explores the two artists’ sustained engagements with photography and film, and the way in which they employ these mediums to further evolve the field of painting. The exhibition features six paintings, in addition to a selection of drawings, and prints from BORCH Editions.

Both Genadry and Saunders use images of landscapes that have been generated by the camera, and through a detailed meditative process of painting and printmaking, their images come to life inside a new framework. The pairing of their luminous works provides the viewer with a deeper insight into the various methods in which both artists experiment with light as a way to define their respective worlds, ones that ebb and flow between notions of presence, disappearance and fragility.

In the act of reconstructing and reappropriating existing images, the pairing of these artists, exhibiting together for the first time, aims to proffer insight into their shared investigation of painting and photography, as well the works that result as they move between the two modes of expression. Between Genardys’ attempt to paint the same landscape profusely, and Saunders’ various iterations involving the same scene, this exhibition examines the profound impact a subtle change can have on a singular image.

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Installation view: Six Landscapes: Daniele Genadry & Matt Saunders, © Institute of Arab and Islamic Art

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