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Jockum Nordström | Etchings

De sista rökarna (The Last Smokers), 2024, soft ground etching

Jockum Nordström’s etchings are imbued with a surreal, old-worldly atmosphere that is typical of his work.

Grotesque figures in old-fashioned clothes, equipped with props such as top hats and pipes, inhabit dream-like spaces whose proportions do not obey the laws of the physical world.

Although they are clearly part of Nordström’s unique oeuvre, the etchings have a distinct atmosphere, which sets them apart from his work in other media. This is not least due to his use of colour: Nordström limited himself to a palette of three specific colours, assigning individually blended shades to each motive.’I decided to focus on a small number of colours in order to narrow down the infinite number of possibilities’, he explains.

Lappen (The Note), 2024, soft ground etching

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