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Trine Søndergaard | Blind Side

Blind Side I, 2023

Trine Søndergaard’s images are deceptively simple, offering a quiet repose for the viewer.

Søndergaard is interested in untold stories, the hidden and unseen – and in granting these stories visibility and significance.

Her photogravure series Blind Side are refined, serene images of what appears to be a totemic minimalist sculpture, captured from different angles. The images actually depict a bonnet stand which she discovered in the collection of the Gudhjem Museum on the island of Bornholm, Denmark. Photographed in black and white and without the usual adornment, the stand becomes a mask-like object to be contemplated in its stillness and austerity. 

The deep velvety tonal range of Blind Side is achieved through photogravure, a printmaking technique with a particularly haptic presence and one of the earliest ways of transferring a photographic image onto paper. The prints were conceived for Søndergaard’s 2023 solo exhibition Blind Side at umbrella west coast exhibitions in Nørre Nebel, Denmark.

Blind Side I-V, 2023, full series of 5 photogravures, installation view
Preparing the photogravure plate for Blind Side V
Trine Søndergaard reviewing test prints