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Trine Søndergaard | Umbrella West Coast Exhibitions

Installation view of the exhibition ‘Blind Side’ at Umbrella West Coast Exhibitions, Nørre Nebel.

Five new photogravures feature in Trine Søndergaard’s solo exhibition of prints and photographs titled Blind Side. Opening on 10th June 2023, this exhibition inaugurated the new contemporary art space, Umbrella West Coast Exhibitions, in Nørre Nebel, Denmark.

The exhibition’s title was drawn from Søndergaard’s series of photogravures, Blind Side, which was made with BORCH Editions earlier this year. These are refined, serene images of what appears to be a totemic minimalist sculpture, captured from different angles. The images actually depict a bonnet stand which Søndergaard discovered in the collection of the Gudhjem Museum, during an artist residency on the island of Bornholm.

Another series of photogravures produced at BORCH Editions, Untitled (2021), is also featured in the exhibition. These six portraits of women, whose faces are covered by their draped hair, invite us to dwell on details and gradual changes in the physical world that might otherwise escape us, such as the slow process of hair turning grey as we age.

The exhibition ‘Blind Side’ offers a valuable overview of Trine Søndergaard’s recent practice and continues until August 12, 2023.

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Installation view of the series Blind Side (2023), at Umbrella West Coast Exhibitions, Nørre Nebel.

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