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Tal R | Weather Report

Weather Report, 2023, monotype

Considering Tal R’s productivity and willingness to experiment, it is all the more notable that Weather Report is his first exploration of monotypes.

Monotypes are unique prints, created by painting on a featureless plate, which is then run through the printing press with a sheet of paper. In contrast to other printmaking techniques, the artist does not leave permanent marks on the plate but simply paints on its surface. The resulting image cannot be reproduced.

Tal R’s Weather Report monotypes depict the felled trees, light and colours of an eye-shaped clearing in a Danish forest. But instead of opening up the pictorial space to convey a sense of vastness and airiness, Tal R narrows the viewer’s field of vision to focus on subtle shapes and colours, as if through a peephole, with the unprinted parts of the sheets pointing to all that remains unseen.

Weather Report, 2023, monotype
Tal R reviewing his Weather Report monotypes
Printing plates for Tal R’s Weather Report monotypes
Weather Report, 2023, 12 monotypes

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