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Ragnar Kjartansson | Monotypes

RUNNING SCARED II, 2022, monotype

In Ragnar Kjartansson’s hands, monotypes become an artistic tool for investigating a visual idea in the form of a series, exploring a theme and its variations to the point of absurdity.

Monotypes are unique prints; however, by integrating the residue ink of one monotype into another, Kjartansson uses what printmakers refer to as a ‘ghost’ print to humorously sabotage the very idea of uniqueness.

The principle of working in series is central to the medium of printmaking, and Kjartansson has long been employing this idea in his work across artistic mediums. Permeated by romantic melancholy, his monotypes convey Kjartansson’s sense for the comedic potential in tragedy, and his openness for different interpretations of his work.

Empty Buckets I, 2022, monotype
Empty Buckets II, monotype
Kjartansson preparing the printing plate for his monotype Empty Buckets II
Running Scared IV, 2022, monotype
WD-40, 2022, monotype

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