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Matt Saunders | Ratlos / Indomitable

Matt Saunders Ratlos / Indomitable I, 2017

In the five large-scale prints of his new series Ratlos / Indomitable, Matt Saunders works with portraits of the fictional movie character Leni Peickert, who appears in two films by German director Alexander Kluge: Die Artisten in der Zirkuskuppel: ratlos (1968) and Die unbezähmbare Leni Peickert (1970). Kluge’s films depict a young woman leading a business, a young artist trying to modernize a circus in a modern media environment.

Matt Saunders’ print projects resonate with his explorations between painting, photography, and film. In his work, he stretches the possibilities of traditional print making by bringing together multiple materials, such as oil paint, linen, various types of ink and mylar. This interrogation of medium as well as the experimentation with qualities of materials are the basis for his complex print projects.

Matt Saunders, born 1975 in Tacoma, Washington, lives and works in Boston, Massachusetts and Berlin, Germany.

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