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Anna Stahn | Pinned, pale products

Cut-outs affixed with chine collé highlighting products on display in a shop window.

Anna Stahn neatly depicts a window façade of an underwear store from a nostalgic past. The format of the print is long and narrow, adding a sense of denseness. With items from top to bottom, it is easy to imagine the boutique, squeezed in between two other shopfronts.

Stahn is preoccupied with layers of consumerism in much of her work. In her recent show Walking Debt at Gl. Strand, Copenhagen Stahn dealt with consumerism and market forces in the art world. The exhibition included an essay on art, women’s life in Copenhagen, currencies, and consumption written by the artist herself.

In Pinned, pale products Stahn renders a storefront and invites the viewer to go window shopping, perusing the display of garments and underwear. Chine collé has been added to selected items. A technique where a thin layer of paper is glued and run through the press on top of the thicker backing paper. In this case, fine natural-colored Japanese paper has been torn by hand and applied, resembling pieces for a dress-up doll.

Pinned, pale products, 2022

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