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Virginia Overton | Etching and Photogravure

Virginia Overton Untitled, 2017

The nine prints Virginia Overton created for her first collaboration with BORCH Editions are, much like her sculptural work, a direct response to her physical presence in a specific space – in this case, the city of Copenhagen and Niels Borch Jensen’s print studio. Overton spent two weeks working with Borch Jensen and master printer Mette Ulstrup, allowing herself to delve into the process of print making and acquiring as much knowledge as possible of the different printing techniques. During her stay, she collected objects from places like flea markets and even the city streets, which she then incorporated into her works. The result is a suite of nine prints echoing the sculptural aesthetics of Overton’s installations.

Virginia Overton was born in Nashville, Tennessee in 1971 and lives and works in Brooklyn, New York.

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