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Tal R | : tingsted

Tal R, : tingsted, 2019

In : tingsted, a series of six prints published in an edition of 24, the viewers encounter people Tal R knows personally and objects he has a personal connection to – a male figure, flee market finds like masks and toy animals or a flower vase. We are not provided with any information on what intrigued him about these objects; instead, he translates his fascination for them into a series of prints exuding the calm and tranquil atmosphere of the private space they inhabit.

In recent years, the combination of coarse woodcut and etching has become one of Tal R’s preferred printmaking techniques. While earlier print projects oscillated between figuration and abstraction, the portrayed central figures almost merging with their patterned, decorative backdrops, the : tingsted prints feature thick, graphic lines, shifting the depicted bodies and objects into the foreground and clearly setting them apart from the surrounding areas.

Tal R, born 1967 in Israel, lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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