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Tal R at LOPF – London Original Print Fair’s Online Viewing Rooms

Installation view of Tal R’s Adidas Boy (2020) and : tingsted (2019) at BORCH Editions’ Showroom in Copenhagen

BORCH Gallery & Editions are pleased to present woodcuts and etchings by Copenhagen-based Israeli artist Tal R for LOPF – London Original Print Fair’s Online Viewing Rooms. Since 1996, Niels Borch Jensen’s print studio has done more than 50 projects with Tal R. While being deeply familiar with the art of printmaking, Tal R always keeps an investigative, but no-nonsense mind-set when working in print, exploring innovative approaches and challenging the medium as well as himself.

Explore the Online Viewing Room here.

Tal R, Ting og sager på ternet dug, 2019
From the portfolio : tingsted

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