Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller

Study for a murder of crows, 2006

For the 2009 installation A Murder of Crows at Hamburger Bahnhof, Berlin, the artist couple installed 98 speakers, playing Janet Cardiff narrating bad dreams and thoughts. They combined the human voice with an eerie sound setting of factory noises, crashing waves or birds wings. As a study for this piece Cardiff and Miller produced a colour gravure with BORCH Gallery & Editions, which anticipates the sound installation’s threatening, dark atmosphere.

Print technique
Somerset 300g
Paper size 57.5 x 74.5 cm – Plate size 35 x 54 cm
Edition of 24
Registration no
CMB 06 001-1
Printed by Julie Dam, Mette Ulstrup
Published by Niels Borch Jensen Editions

Signed and numbered by the artists

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