Adam Jeppesen

September 5th (from BO Mulato), 2014

In his Ghosts series, Adam Jeppesen uses photographic material for his experiments with photogravure, one of the oldest techniques to print photographic images on paper. Instead of inking the printing plates with fresh ink each time a new print is pulled, he only inked the plate for the first impression. Using the residue ink from the previous print for the following impression, he creates what printmakers call the ‘ghost’ of an image. Jeppesen elaborated on this technique by using one ‘ghost’ to create another, allowing the depicted landscapes to gradually fade away, leaving the viewer with the question which of the images is the ‘perfect’.

Print technique
Somerset 400g
Paper size 174 x 117 cm
Edition of 5
Registration no
AdJ 14 003-1
Printed by Julie Dam
Published by Niels Borch Jensen Editions

Signed and numbered by the artist

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