Keith Haring

Medusa Head, 1986

Niels Borch Jensen met Keith Haring in the summer of 1985, when Haring visited Copenhagen to contribute a mural to the exhibition Homo Decorens at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. ‘I had installed my first large press earlier that day, and we decided to meet in my studio the next day and make the biggest print we could. I prepared the plates, and when he arrived, he immediately started working, sitting on the floor, without any preliminary sketches or tracings. He started with the figure’s shoulders and built the motive from there. It only took him a few hours to finish all three plates.’

Medusa Head became Niels Borch Jensen’s first large-scale print project, and it is the biggest print Keith Haring ever created.

Print technique
Sugar lift aquatint
Hahnemühle Bütten 300g
Paper size 140 x 240 cm
Edition of 24
Registration no
KeH 86 001-1
Printed by Niels Borch Jensen
Published by Niels Borch Jensen Editions

Signed and numbered by the artist

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