Tal R

Grapefruit, 2012


(incl. 25% Danish VAT €363)

Print technique
Woodcut on Somerset 300g
Paper size 69 x 57 cm – Plate size 50 x 40 cm
Edition of 28
Printed by Julie Dam
Published by Niels Borch Jensen Editions
Signed by:
Signed and numbered by the artist
Registration no
ID: TaR 12 005-1

While being deeply familiar with the art of printmaking, Tal R maintains an investigative approach to his print projects, exploring new approaches and challenging the medium as well as himself. A good example of this is the reduction woodcut, a technique allows him to create a multi-coloured image from one woodblock by carving out the motive layer by layer, printing the full edition of each layer before the cutting can begin for the next one. The resulting prints are vibrant and full of Tal R’s characteristic vitality and playfulness.

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