Danh Vo

Caritas, 2018

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Print technique
Photogravure on Somerset 300g
Paper size 66.5 x 53.5 cm – Plate size 49.5 x 37 cm – Frame size 72 x 58.5 cm

Danh Vo’s photogravure Caritas depicts a detail from Bartolomeo di Zanobi di Benedetto Ghetti’s painting of the same name. Part of The Danish National Gallery’s collection, the painting was featured on Vo’s 2018 solo exhibition Take My Breath Away. The exhibition title is engraved into the custom-made glass frame in the writing of Vo’s father.

The allegory of Charity, one of the seven Christian virtues, is typically depicted as a nursing mother who nourishes the young with milk. The exhibition presented the painting alongside a gilded cardboard box previously used to transport Eagle Brand condensed milk. This syrupy canned product, beloved by the artist as a child, is widely distributed in Asia by the transnational food conglomerate Nestlé.

Edition of 24
Printed by Julie Dam, Thomas Jennions
Published by BORCH Editions
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The print is validated with a certificate of authenticity.
Registration no
ID: DaV 18 001-1

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