Tacita Dean

Antigone (offset), 2021

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Tacita Dean has selected eight image pairs taken from her 35mm double Cinemascope film work Antigone, 2018, and printed them as offset lithographs.
Antigone, a central figure of mythology, is also the name of Dean’s older sister and therefore closely related to the artist’s own story and probably one of the first words the artist ever learnt.
In the film Antigone, Dean creates a visual tale around the concept of blindness rooted in the destiny of Antigone’s father/brother Oedipus, the king of Thebes, who blinds himself after unwittingly killing his father and marrying his own mother Jocasta. Oedipus’s self-imposed punishment ends the first play in the Sophoclean Theban trilogy, Oedipus Rex, when Oedipus banishes himself from Thebes. At the beginning of the second play, Oedipus at Colonus, the blind man arrives at Colonus accompanied by his daughter Antigone, who has guided him through years of restless wandering in the wilderness.
Dean’s Antigone is concerned with the intervening years between the two plays. The film is structured around a solar eclipse and features writer and poet Anne Carson and actor Stephen Dillane.

Series of eight diptychs

Print technique
Offset lithography on Archival Offset Igepa Pure 250 g
Paper size 32.5 x 75 cm
Edition of 12
Printed by Niels Borch Jensen, Thomas Castenschiold Dehlholm
Published by BORCH Editions
Signed by:
Signed by the artist
Registration no
ID: TaD 21 002

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