Danh Vo

03.06.1965, 2015

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The photogravure 03.06.1965, Danh Vo’s 2015 collaboration with BORCH Editions, shows an image taken during the first American extra-vehicular activity in outer space. Four years before Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, during the Gemini 4 Mission, Commander James McDivitt documented Edward White II floating outside the capsule. Vo acquired 150 glass slides derived from the original film. The image he chose for his photogravure project counteracts the sublimity of the historical event: the floating human body is only partly visible; the focal point of the viewer’s attention is on his buttocks.

Print technique
Photogravure on Somerset 300g
Paper size 58.5 x 57 cm – Plate size 43 x 43 cm
Edition of 24
Printed by Mette Ulstrup, Thomas Jennions
Published by Niels Borch Jensen Editions
Signed by:
The print is validated with a certificate of authenticity.
Registration no
ID: DaV 15 002-1

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