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Thomas Scheibitz | T.O.A.H.

Thomas Scheibitz Untitled (from the portfolio T.O.A.H), 2017

Thomas Scheibitz’ first collaboration with BORCH Editions resulted in a portfolio of 21 works entitled T.O.A.H.. The title is the result of a swift mental leap, based on a pictorial rather than a verbal grammar, deliberately defying any direct connection between language and image.

Scheibitz’ interest in the print medium encompasses both the complex, time-consuming production process, and the artistic possibilities arising from it: He is fascinated by the physical resistance of engraving lines into a copper plate, and by the alchemy of the etching process. Scheibitz embraces the specific conditions of printmaking, like the reversion of the image when transferring it from plate to paper, and he is intrigued by the tension between the fugitive, rushed nature of sketches or drawings and their permanent fixation on a plate.

Thomas Scheibitz born 1968 in Saxony, Germany. Lives and works in Berlin.

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