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Tal R | Spiegel

Tal R Spiegel, 2016

The large-scale coloured woodcut Spiegel is one of Tal R’s most ambitious graphic works to date. Printed from three plates, the monumental piece displays one of the complex patterned, decorative interiors the artist is famous for. A large black mirror is the centrepiece of the composition.

Tal R is one of Denmark’s most renowned contemporary artists, known for his ever expanding universe of images, many of which he finds in everyday life, pop culture, or on his various journeys around the globe. The process of recycling or sampling material from his own, vast archive has long been characteristic for his artistic efforts. Using details from his large-scale paintings, the artist allows the viewer to experience the images as if through a magnifying glass, while simultaneously creating an autonomous new work.

TAL R, born 1967 in Tel Aviv, Israel, lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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