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Tal R | : Blå Dør

Tal R, : Blå Dør, 2018.

: Blå Dør is a series of six prints, executed in drypoint and line etching, published in an edition of six.

For : Blå Dør, Tal R worked with indigo, a particularly deep and rich variety of the colour blue. Indigo is close to the shade of blue used in the traditional colour wheel, and it is said to be one of the six colours of the rainbow. It is extremely difficult to use in painting, as its great depth can only come forth if the surface to which it is applied is extremely matt. This depth and mattedness can best be achieved in the medium of printmaking, where the colour is applied thickly and sits slightly exalted on the paper.

The new etchings are inspired by Tal R’s current occupation with the colour blue. The depicted geometric shapes and lines are almost suspended in abstraction. Based on the title of the series – blue door –, we might associate certain lines with door frames, or circles with door knobs. Tal R does not refuse such interpretations, but ultimately, we are left without any definite knowledge as to what it is we are looking at.

Tal R, born 1967 in Israel, lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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