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Tal R | A Happy Madness of Colors

Exhibition views at BORCH Gallery in Berlin, 2015.
Tal R, Pigeon Man, 2014

BORCH Gallery & Editions are pleased to present the latest results of our two-decade-long collaboration with Tal R. His solo exhibition A Happy Madness of Colors will gather the artist’s most recent woodcuts and etchings, many of which have never been shown in Berlin before.

Tal R, one of Denmark’s most renowned contemporary artists, is known for his ever-expanding universe of images, many of which he finds in everyday life, pop culture, or on his various journeys around the globe. In his latest series of etchings, he samples works from his 2015 solo-exhibition Altstadt Girl at Cheim & Read, New York. Using details from his large-scale paintings, the artist allows the viewer to experience the works as if through a magnifying glass, while at the same time creating a series of autonomous new works.

While being deeply familiar with the art of printmaking, Tal R keeps an investigative mindset when working in print, exploring innovative approaches and challenging the medium as well as himself. One of his preferred techniques, the Reduction Cut, allows him to create a many-coloured image from only one plate by carving out the motive layer by layer. The Reduction Cut allows for Tal R’s typical vitality and playfulness, resulting in what Erik Steffensen in his 2008 essay on the artist’s graphic work called ‘a happy madness of colors.’

Press Release / Pressemitteilung

TAL R, Sortedam, 2013

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