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Niels Borch Jensen blogs about the Small Wonders at IFPDA Fine Art Print Fair 2017 |

Niels Borch Jensen’s a blog entry for about the ‘Small Wonders’ that could be found at the New York Fine Art Print Fair.

I spent last week in New York at a wonderful, but little known art fair and I decided to share a little with you. It’s called the “International Fine Print Dealers Association’s Fine Art Print Fair”, aka IFPDA.

The name of the fair doesn’t really sound very catchy, even for a self-confessed print-nerd like me, and to be honest, walking through the aisles casually you do not see many lively, vibrant and sexy installations that are so much in demand at the big international art fairs. You mostly see small frames with glass in the booths. The large audience is conspicuously lacking the usual celebrities and billionaires of the art world.

All in all, it doesn’t look that exiting. That is, until you look at the art. There are wonderful works by some of the greatest artist that ever lived and by some still living. I decided to take a walk with my phone camera on the last day of the fair, to share some of the small wonders I had found. […] Read more

Albrecht Dürer’s woodcut Rhinocerus from 1515.