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Martin Kippenberger

Martin Kippenberger, Eierfrau, 1969

BORCHs Butik presents an exclusive selection of original prints by the German artist Martin Kippenberger (1953–97). The exhibited artworks were all made during Kippenberger’s prodigiously productive stay at Niels Borch Jensen print shop in 1996, shortly before Kippenberger’s premature death the year after.

Martin Kippenberger in Copenhagen, 1996 is comprised of 12 original prints showing Kippenberger’s huge diversity, humour and clear needs and ability to create provoking statements through his art.

Among the motifs is the egg; one of the central themes that Kippenberger revisited throughout his oeuvre. Kippenberger employs the egg as a playful parody making indirect references to rebirth, reproduction, and the ideal of the circle.

Another well known theme is Kippenberger’s ‘Picasso paintings’; self-portraits, showing the artist wearing nothing but underwear. They are inspired by a famous photography of Picasso posing outside his villa radiating strength and confidence, being 76 years old and wearing nothing but underwear. Opposite Picasso, Kippenberger made several self-portraits consciously presenting himself as the imposing 35–40 years old anti-hero, exposing human and artistic imperfection as well as fear of failure, despite his real-world success at the time.

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