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Marina Adams | Etchings & Aquatints

“As I had heard tales of the enormous aquatint box in the printshop of Niels Borch Jensen, I was thrilled when he invited me to Copenhagen to make prints.”
Marina Adams

For our first collaboration with American artist Marina Adams, she made two suites of prints: a sequence of nine black and white etchings and a series of nine aquatints.

In the black-and-white prints, Adams experimented with the different techniques in soft and hard ground, adding drypoint as well as erasing part of the traces on the copper plate with a burnisher.

For the aquatints,“I utilized both sugarlift and spitbite aquatints in these prints, creating rich, dense, flat shapes as well as textured surfaces and brushmarks. Then we began to proof them, experimenting with different colored inks, both opaque and transparent. After the initial proof, I began to see the possibilities of working on other plates with the intention of overlaying one on top of the other, playing with combinations of drawing, color and touch.”– Marina Adams

Marina Adams mainly works in painting and gouache or watercolor on paper. She understands her works as visual experiences. In her abstract forms and combinations of largely bold colors she intends to offer the beholder spaces for thought and experience.

Marina Adams, born 1960 in Orange, New Jersey in 1960. She lives and works in New York and Parma, Italy.

Marina Adams, Untitled, 2018.

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