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Marie Rud Rosenzweig | Etchings

The prints Hound, Jerry, Lady Marion’s Veil and Suggestive kneeling are all part of a larger project by the artist titled likert; never, rarely, sometimes, always combining original prints and text. The quartet of prints marks the artist’s first collaboration with BORCH Editions.

When Rosenzweig was introduced to the craft of printmaking, a fundamental exercise turned out to become a point of departure for a larger project combining original prints and text.

While practicing her technical skills at the studio by carefully decreasing and increasing color tones through the aquatint technique into a scale of tonalities, the essential exercise of the step test resonated with another sort of gradation. In a key scene of a feature film titled Never Rarely Sometimes Always the main character’s intimate story is revealed when she fills out a questionnaire. By offering the answers: Never, Rarely, Sometimes, and Always – to a set of questions, subjective associations are turned into scalable responses.

Working with the two kinds of scales – a visual one and an associative written one – Rosenzweig’s prints are based on her personal associations. The motifs of the individual prints, Rosenzweig partly finds in her personal sphere and in the visual culture surrounding her. The formats are small and condensed, offering a sense of peculiarity and closeness.

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