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John Zurier | Etchings & Monotypes

BORCH Editions is excited to present etchings and monotypes by John Zurier.

The presentation in our Copenhagen Showroom comprises etchings as well as monotypes. This juxtaposition represents two very different approaches of working with the printing plate, one being a rather time consuming process while the other is a more intuitive and immediate practice.

For an etching, traces are worked into the plate in a complex and convoluted process. Coming to the print studio, Zurier embraced the challenges and possibilities of working in a technique that is different from his usual painting practice. Etching, for him, ‘is all about light, tone, and simplicity, it is an expression of immediacy fixed in place by the pressure of the press.’ For the monotypes, Zurier worked with watercolor on either an old copper plate or a plastic board. The ones on copper turned out to have a greater transparency in the color while the traces on the old plates added to the experience of surprise and discovery which made it so important for Zurier to work in that medium. Working rather intuitively with the wet color on the blank surface of the plate, he focused on ‘creating a feeling of color emerging from light.’

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