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John Kørner

BORCHs Butik is pleased to present John Kørner’s latest print project Up Against the Tsunami. The series of 5 prints—combined photogravure and etching—have their starting point in Kørner’s major installation Tsunami (2013).

Kørner describes the installation as ‘A deadly wave: Off the top of my head, I can’t see how the world can prevent the destruction caused by a Tsunami. That means we are presented with an all-destroying force of nature, something that threatens our very existence, which we humans just have to include in the calculation. It’s not a threat of a third World War, but of nature, which we love and which keeps us alive.
Mother Nature has made herself a kind of Medea, with us as the children. This event is both dramatic and real. And, it’s our emotional relationship with nature that is at play here; an emotional relationship that includes fear.’

In Up Against the Tsunami Kørner combines photos of children playing on the installation Tsunami, with his soft ground etchings of people in motion—people seemingly defying the deadly wave.

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