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Jockum Nordström | Etchings & Monoprints

Levitering (Levitation), 2023

Jockum Nordström’s first collaboration with BORCH Editions consists of eight etchings, five of which form the portfolio The Copenhagen Suite 2023, as well as five monoprints, for which he has returned to oil paint for the first time in several decades.

In The Copenhagen Suite 2023 it was important to Nordström that each print represents an independent miniature universe, while simultaneously forming parts of a larger narrative, “like acts in a play”, as he puts it. “Scale was very important for me. Intimate formats lend themselves to the idea of storytelling, because you have to step closer and look at the etchings one at a time, much like turning the pages of a book.”

As the title suggests, The Copenhagen Suite 2023 is heavily influenced by the city in which it was created; by its architecture and atmosphere, as well as its historical literary figures and artists. The view of the backyard from the print studio’s windows finds its way into the motives, alongside pictures from a vintage photo book about Copenhagen and fleeting impressions of architectural details.

In this sense, The Copenhagen Suite 2023 is also influenced by Nordström’s work in the medium of collage. But instead of combining physical material, he draws from an archive of images, memories and fleeting impressions that he collects, selects and reassembles. The prints tell mysterious, melancholic and humorous narratives, offering glimpses into an internal dialogue collaged from the artist’s own lived experience.

Der Künstler im Garten (The Artist in the Garden), 2023
Jockum Nordström working on preliminary drawings for The Copenhagen Suite 2023

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