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Iñaki Bonillas & Sandra Vasquez de la Horra

BORCH Gallery & Editions are delighted to announce an exhibition of two projects by Iñaki Bonillas and Sandra Vasquez de la Horra, to be exhibited at the gallery for the first time.

IÑAKI BONILLAS’ most recent series of photogravures, entitled Theme and Variations (2013), continues his persistent exploration of the ways in which individuals constantly edit, and accept others’ editings, of the world around them. The photographs from which the project originates are a series of documentative images of a car crash that Bonillas found in an album inherited from his grandfather in 2000. The clinical account of the damages caused to his grandfather’s 1961 Peugeot 403 coexists bizarrely alongisde typical family scenes and memories in the album.

With this clash of contents in mind, Bonillas worked on combining the 8 original photographs, beginning by splitting them each in half, and then pairing the resulting 16 halves until all possible permutations were achieved. The result is 240 unique photogravures that never repeat a single combination.

By questioning the way individuals curate their lives and realities, Bonillas’ photographic works evoke the impossible relationship between reality and memory, and finally the power of the image.

IÑAKI BONILLAS, born 1981 in Mexico City, lives and works in Mexico City. Bonillas is a sculptor with an equal interest in installation and photography, and is represented at BORCH Gallery & Editions primarily as an artist who focuses on photography as part of our daily lives, consciousness and memory – the vast archive that defines us as subjects. 

SANDRA VASQUEZ DE LA HORRA has created a series of profoundly personal drypoint prints that, as with her earlier work, speak of fears, visualize dreams and nightmares, and recount memories. The prints are vivid depictions of a strangely familiar and yet uncanny existence. Lone figures are often drawn without limbs or skin, raw and disarmed and yet strikingly determined.

The dominance of the female figure stands out in Vasquez de la Horra’s oeuvre: mothers, nuns, saints, seductresses, prisoners, damned ones. They are objects of desire, while desiring themselves. They are deeply catholic or deeply pagan, but no matter what, radiate a base sexuality. The figures seem to hover on the paper – perspective plays almost no role in her compositions, turning our focus to the hard lines and geometric forms that contrast with the tender humans.

SANDRA VASQUEZ DE LA HORRA, born 1967 in Chile, lives and works in Berlin. Sandra Vasquez de la Horra has worked with BORCH Gallery & Editions since 2012.

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