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New Etchings | Hannah Heilmann, Marie Rud Rosenzweig, Alexander Tovborg

Visit our Showroom and experience new editions by Hannah Heilmann, Marie Rud Rosenzweig and Alexander Tovborg.

Night at the webshop is a new portfolio by Danish artist Hannah Heilmann. The prints encapsulate a perennial topic of the artist’s research – the cultural history of clothing and the desire-driven economy surrounding it. Heilmann’s prints are on view together with a small selection of prints by Alexander Tovborg and a new print by Maria Rud Rosenzweig.

Opening hours
Wednesday – Friday 11 am – 4 pm and by appointment

As the first Saturday of the month, the Showroom is open
Saturday 1 October 11 am – 4 pm
Saturday 5 November 11 am – 4 pm

Learn more about Alexander Tovborg, Hannah Heilmann, Marie Rud Rosenzweig