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Drypoint | Per Kirkeby, Michel Majerus and Tal R

BORCH Editions is delighted to present print projects by Per Kirkeby, Michel Majerus, and Tal R in our Showroom. What brings these artists together in a joint composition is drypoint, a particular intaglio technique with which all exhibited print projects have been created.

Drypoint is an intaglio technique in which the artist scratches the image directly into the copper plate with a hard, sharp steel point. Drypoint is similar to engraving in the sense that you make your marks directly into the copper plate but doing drypoint the steel point does not cut a spool like the burin but plows a scratch into the copper raising a ridge on both sides of the line. These ridges, called burrs, are crucial to the visual effect of a drypoint, as some of the ink applied to the printing plate will collect around the burrs when the surface is wiped clean, giving the lines a soft, wooly character.

It is with great pleasure we introduce the portfolio Jurassic Park, 2001 by Michel Majerus. In the only series of prints the artist ever created, Majerus worked his way around the Hollywood film Jurassic Park and its iconic logo. In 2001 Jurassic Park III was released. At the time Majerus was living in Los Angeles, home of the Hollywood studios, and he was fascinated by the style of the film and its merchandise. The portfolio is characteristic of Majerus, as he went into dialogue with the visual culture surrounding him. The delicacy of the drypoint technique adds another touch than can be seen in his paintings.

Majerus’ prints are accompanied by a selection of prints by Per Kirkeby og Tal R.

the artist scratches the image directly into the copper plate

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