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Danh Vō

Danh Vo’s Archive of Dr. Joseph M. Carrier 1962–1973, 2010

Since 2010, photogravure has been a recurring media in Danh Vō’s artistic practice. Photogravure is an intaglio technique and it is one of the oldest and finest ways to transfer a photograph to paper.

Migration, cultural history and identity are key themes in Danh Vō’s artistic practice. Born in Vietnam and raised in Denmark, he abstracts found objects from their original context, to form new narratives.

Standing in front of the works of Danh Vō, one meets a personal archive of a lived life in direct dialogue with the social issues in society today. In his conceptual works the artist focuses on the issues of forming identities within cultural and political contexts, often using his and his family’s own lives as material. The idea of ‘Cultural identity’ is granted new critical significance in Vō’s works, where personal life is constantly juxtaposed with cultural dogma, expectations, rituals and definitions. Vō’s works become a kind of litmus paper where we can trace the innermost mechanisms of our culture.

The retrospective exhibition Danh Vō: Take My Breath Away at The National Gallery of Denmark features various photogravure projects printed and published by BORCH Editions. In parallel, we show selected photogravure projects by Danh Vō in BORCHs Butik.

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