Louisiana Channel | Fiona Tan: Materials Matter

Posted 27.04.23

Fiona Tan discusses the relevance of physical materials in an interview with Nanna Rebekka for Louisiana Channel. The interview was recorded at BORCH Editions in Copenhagen, Denmark in November 2022, while Tan was working on Technicolor Dreaming, a series of six photogravures / etchings.


Louisiana Channel | Wardell Milan: Retreat or Engage

Posted 02.09.22

Marc-Christoph Wagner met Wardell Milan for Louisiana Channel while working on ‘The Balcony’ which sheds light on recent social and political developments in the United States and the world as a whole.


In Print | pro x BORCH Editions

Posted 19.11.21

The curatorial collective pro facilitated a week-long residency at BORCH Editions’ studio for four emerging artists.


In conversation: Ragnar Kjartansson and curator Gilles Neiens

Posted 10.09.21

In the conversation with curator and art advisor Gilles Neiens, Ragnar Kjartansson talks about selected prints from the portfolio ‘Repent’, a suite of twenty-five etchings, and the seven large-scale woodcuts from the ‘Fire’ series.


Trine Søndergaard | Untitled

Posted 17.08.21

Get an insight into the activities at BORCH Editions’ printmaking studio. In this video we follow the process of printing a series of black and white photogravures by Trine Søndergaard.


Tal R | Blomster uden titel

Posted 10.08.21

Get a glimpse of the production for Tal R’s project ‘Blomster uden titel’ (Untitled Flowers), 2021. Each of the five prints in the suite depict a bouquet of flowers picked by Tal R from around his home in the Danish countryside.


In conversation: Julie Mehretu and curator Jenny Graser

Posted 01.05.21

In the conversation with Jenny Graser, curator at Kupferstichkabinett (Museum for Prints and Drawing) in Berlin, Mehretu speaks about the four prints from ‘Slouching Towards Bethlehem.’


Julie Mehretu | Slouching Towards Bethlehem

Posted 26.02.21

Take a sneak peek into the production of Julie Mehretu’s 2021 print project ‘Slouching Towards Bethlehem.’  In the chromatic large-scale prints, Julie Mehretu combines photogravure with classic intaglio printing techniques.


In conversation: Tal R and Niels Borch Jensen

Posted 30.05.19

In a conversation with master printer Niels Borch Jensen, Tal R describes his relationship to printmaking.


In conversation: Matt Saunders and curator Jacob Proctor

Posted 10.05.19

The conversation between Matt Saunders and Jacob Proctor (curator, Museum Brandhorst, Munich) reveals the ideas and the processes behind Saunders’ collaboration on a series of monotypes with BORCH Editions.


In conversation: Jacob Thage, Museum Jorn, and Niels Borch Jensen

Posted 20.03.19

Jacob Thage, director of Museum Jorn, Silkeborg, and Niels Borch Jensen talk about the reappearance of 52 Asger Jorn lino plates after more than 70 years and what significance they have in the context of Asger Jorn’s wider oeuvre.


Asger Jorn

Posted 01.08.18

52 linocuts by Danish artist Asger Jorn (1914–73) were discovered in his brother’s basement. Museum Jorn in Silkeborg entrusted BORCH Editions with printing the plates.


Tacita Dean | Quarantania

Posted 23.04.18

Niels Borch Jensen gives insight into the creation of Tacita Dean’s ‘Quarantania’ and the print studio’s collaboration with Tacita Dean, which began in 2001.


John Zurier

Posted 10.04.18

John Zurier talks about his fascination for etching, the quality of the etched line and the processes of printmaking.


Alexander Tovborg | amor fati

Posted 10.02.18

Observe Alexander Tovborg creating one of his woodcuts from the series ‘amor fati.’


Stanley Whitney

Posted 10.10.16

Stanley Whitney talks about printmaking as a vital part of his artistic practice, both because of its collaborative nature and its indirectness.


Julie Mehretu | Epigraph Damascus

Posted 04.07.16

Julie Mehretu explains why printmaking has long been an important part her œuvre and why the collaboration with BORCH Editions on ‘Epigraph, Damascus’ was particularly special for her.


Iñaki Bonillas | Escritura Nocturna (Nocturnal Writings)

Posted 10.08.15

Iñaki Bonillas talks about his photogravure project ‘Escritura Nocturna (Nocturnal Writing),’ the fourth print project he has done in collaboration with BORCH Editions.


Matt Saunders

Posted 09.02.15

Matt Saunders’ print projects resonate with his explorations between painting and photography. His ruminations about medium, and his particular interrogation of the qualities of materials, are extended in his series of complex prints.