Gallery Berlin

Trine Søndergaard, Trine Søndergaard & Nicolai Howalt, Eva Löfdahl

Event 10.06.2203.09.22

BORCH Editions are delighted to present the first solo collaboration with the Danish artist, Trine Søndergaard, in our Berlin gallery. Along with those six photogravures, we show a print project by Eva Löfdahl and a collaborative photogravure project by Trine Søndergaard and Nicolai Howalt.

Gallery Berlin

Tacita Dean

Event 26.03.2204.06.22

BORCH Editions is delighted to present Tacita Dean’s most recent print project, ‘Antigone (offset),’ 2021, together with ‘JG (offset),’ 2013, at BORCH Gallery in Berlin.

Gallery Berlin

No Plan at All | Book Launch and Exhibition

Event 26.11.2119.03.22

In celebration of the book publication No Plan at All: How the Danish Printshop of Niels Borch Jensen Redefined Artists’ Prints for the Contemporary World, BORCH Gallery, Berlin, presents prints from the printmaking studio’s extensive history since 1979.

Gallery Berlin

Ragnar Kjartansson | Repent and Fire

Event 15.09.2120.11.21

We are excited to present our first collaboration with Ragnar Kjartansson at BORCH Gallery, Berlin.

Gallery Berlin, News

Ragnar Kjartansson in conversation with curator Gilles Neiens

Posted 08.09.21

In the conversation with curator and art advisor Gilles Neiens, Kjartansson talks about selected prints from the portfolio ‘Repent’, a suite of twenty-five etchings, and the seven large-scale woodcuts from the ‘Fire’ series.

Gallery Berlin, News

Julie Mehretu in conversation with curator Jenny Graser

Posted 23.08.21

In the conversation with Jenny Graser, curator at Kupferstichkabinett (Museum for Prints and Drawing) in Berlin, Mehretu speaks about the creation of the four prints, the background of the titles, and the significance of printmaking for her practice.

Gallery Berlin

Synergies | Stützmappe and Bonobos

Event 13.08.2104.09.21

BORCH Editions is delighted to present the group exhibition Synergies in Berlin, opening Friday 13 August 2021

Gallery Berlin

Julie Mehretu | Slouching Towards Bethlehem

Event 29.04.2124.07.21

BORCH Gallery & Editions present ‘Slouching Towards Bethlehem’ by Julie Mehretu as part of Gallery Weekend Berlin.

Gallery Berlin

Tal R | Adidas Boy and : tingsted

Event 19.02.2117.04.21

BORCH Gallery & Editions are delighted to present Tal R’s most recent print projects Adidas Boy (2020) and : tingsted (2019) in Berlin.

Gallery Berlin

BORCH Gallery closed due to lockdown

Event 16.12.2011.01.21

Due to the current health situation, our Berlin gallery will be closed until further notice. Our upcoming exhibition with prints by Tal R is postponed accordingly.

Gallery Berlin

Per Kirkeby | Monoprints

Event 07.11.2023.01.21

BORCH Gallery & Editions are delighted to present a series of monoprints by the late Danish artist Per Kirkeby (1938–2018).

Gallery Berlin

Fiona Tan | Ideas of Utopia

Event 12.09.2001.11.20

BORCH Gallery is delighted to present photogravures and the video installation ‘Elsewhere’ (2018) by Fiona Tan in the exhibition ‘Ideas of Utopia’.

Gallery Berlin, Art fairs

Gallery Weekend Berlin 2020

Event 09.09.2013.09.20

BORCH Gallery is delighted to present the exhibition ‘Ideas of Utopia’ with photogravure projects and the video-installation ‘Elsewhere’ (2018) by Fiona Tan as part of Gallery Weekend Berlin 2020.

Gallery Berlin

Al Taylor, Alan Uglow, Stanley Whitney, John Zurier

Event 26.06.2028.08.20

‘Abstraction allows man to see with his mind what he cannot see physically with his eyes… Abstract art enables the artist to perceive beyond the tangible, to extract the infinite out of the finite. It is the emancipation of the mind. It is an exploration into unknown areas.’–Arshile Gorky
BORCH Gallery & Editions is delighted to present selected print projects by Al Taylor, Alan Uglow, Stanley Whitney, and John Zurier at its Berlin gallery space.

Gallery Berlin, News


Event 21.06.20

Berlin galleries open their doors.

BORCH Gallery is delighted to participate in the second edition of SUNDAY OPEN organised by INDEX.

Gallery Berlin, News


Event 24.05.20

BORCH Gallery is delighted to participate in the inaugural SUNDAY OPEN organised by INDEX.

Gallery Berlin

Tacita Dean, Ólafur Elíasson, Robin Rhode, Matt Saunders, Thomas Scheibitz, Danh Vō

Event 05.05.2019.06.20

BORCH Gallery & Editions is delighted to present print projects by Tacita Dean, Ólafur Elíasson, Robin Rhode, Matt Saunders, Thomas Scheibitz, and Danh Vō.
The common denominator for all six is Berlin: The city they live and work in. This presentation aims to celebrate the city in a discreet but invigorating way, a ‘Welcome back, Berlin.’

Gallery Berlin

Marina Adams, Mamma Andersson, Virginia Overton

Event 18.01.2018.04.20

BORCH Gallery Berlin presents a group exhibition of prints by three new collaborators: Marina Adams, Mamma Andersson, and Virginia Overton.

Gallery Berlin

Alexander Tovborg | amor fati II

Event 09.11.1911.01.20

BORCH Gallery Berlin is delighted to present Alexander Tovborg’s amor fati II, a series woodcuts and monotypes centered around the Roman Catholic saint and French national heroine Joan of Arc.

Gallery Berlin

Huma Bhabha

Event 07.09.1902.11.19

Coinciding with Berlin Art Week, BORCH Gallery & Editions present two print projects by Huma Bhabha. In the series ‘Leochicospeedy’, Bhabha combined photogravure with etching techniques. The three portraits from ‘The Unsubs’ are classic black-and-white etchings.

Gallery Berlin

Matt Saunders | Duets

Event 26.04.1903.08.19

BORCH Gallery & Editions is pleased to present Duets, an exhibition of new works by Matt Saunders. Centered around a series of monotypes, the exhibition extends Saunders’ ongoing collaboration with BORCH to encompass new ways of working with print and situates the artist’s print work into the larger context of his practice in painting and video.

Gallery Berlin, News

Jan Svenungsson | BORCH Conversations and book launch

Event 13.04.19

BORCH Gallery is delighted to welcome Jan Svenungsson for a conversation with Dr. Andreas Schalhorn, Kupferstichkabinett Berlin, and Niels Borch Jensen about Svenungsson’s book ‘Making Prints and Thinking About It.’

Gallery Berlin, News

Asger Jorn | Talk with Jacob Thage, Museum Jorn

Event 15.03.19

BORCH Gallery is delighted to welcome Jacob Thage, director of Museum Jorn, Silkeborg, DK, for a conversation with Niels Borch Jensen. The talk will revolve around the reappearance of 52 Asger Jorn linoleum plates after more than 70 years and what significance they have in the context of Asger Jorn’s wider oeuvre.

Gallery Berlin

Asger Jorn | Linocuts 1933–1939

Event 08.02.1918.04.19

A suitcase containing 52 linocuts, created by Asger Jorn between 1933 and 1939, was found a few years ago in his brother’s basement in Denmark. Jorn had asked him to look after it for him and it only resurfaced more than 70 years later.

Gallery Berlin

John Zurier | Etchings & Monotypes

Event 24.11.1802.02.19

BORCH Gallery & Editions are excited to present John Zurier’s new etchings and monotypes. With artist talk between John Zurier and Mark art historian/curator Gisbourne

Gallery Berlin

Thomas Demand, Markus Draper, Elmgreen & Dragset | EMOP European Month of Photography 2018

Event 14.09.1817.11.18

BORCH Gallery & Editions are excited to open the Berlin gallery’s new location with a group exhibition on contemporary photogravure. The exhibition features classic print projects by Thomas Demand and Elmgreen & Dragset alongside the print studio’s first collaboration with Markus Draper.

Gallery Berlin

Tacita Dean | Quarantania

Event 28.04.1828.07.18

BORCH Gallery & Editions are proud to present Tacita Dean’s Quarantania, the print studio’s most ambitious print project to date. The large-scale colour photogravure is created specifically for Dean’s London exhibition Tacita Dean: LANDSCAPE, PORTRAT, STILL LIFE.

Gallery Berlin

Thomas Zipp | abstract pleasures

Event 17.02.1821.04.18

BORCH Gallery & Editions are excited to present the result of their first collaboration with Thomas Zipp in Berlin. The exhibition entitled abstract pleasures features the artist’s print project of the same title and is supplemented by the work Blessed (2015, courtesy Galerie Guido W. Baudach, Berlin).

Gallery Berlin

Matt Saunders | Kupferdrucke

Event 25.11.1710.02.18

Coinciding with his solo exhibition at the Saint Louis Art Museum, Matt Saunders is presenting his latest series of large-scale etchings in Niels Borch Jensen’s Berlin gallery. The exhibition marks the occasion of Galerienhaus Berlin’s 10th anniversary.

Gallery Berlin

Thomas Scheibitz | Etchings / Photogravures

Event 16.09.1718.11.17

BORCH Gallery & Editions are excited to present the result of their first collaboration with Thomas Scheibitz in Berlin. The exhibition features the portfolio T.O.A.H., a suite of 21 works in a variety of printing techniques.

Gallery Berlin

Stanley Whitney

Event 29.04.1729.07.17

For his first collaboration with BORCH Editions, Stanley Whitney created large-scale coloured monotypes alongside a series of eight black-and-white etchings. The Berlin solo presentation of the works will coincide with the artist’s participation in documenta 14.

Gallery Berlin

Iñaki Bonillas | Escritura nocturna (Nocturnal Writing)

Event 21.01.1722.04.17

BORCH Gallery & Editions are excited to present Iñaki Bonillas’ photogravure projects in Berlin. The solo exhibition entitled Escritura nocturna (Nocturnal Writing) features the artist’s latest project of the same name alongside the series A Storm of Secondary Things.

Gallery Berlin

John Zurier | Summer Book

Event 29.10.1614.01.17

BORCH Gallery & Editions are thrilled to present the print shop’s first collaboration with John Zurier, in the solo exhibition Summer Book in our Berlin gallery.

Gallery Berlin

Lewis Baltz, Tacita Dean, Olafur Eliasson, Adam Jeppesen, Clay Ketter, Boris Mikhailov | Indentations

Event 10.09.1622.10.16

As part of this year’s European Month of Photography, BORCH Gallery & Editions show works by Lewis Baltz, Tacita Dean, Olafur Eliasson, Adam Jeppesen, Clay Ketter, and Boris Mikhailov. The exhibition investigates the medium of photogravure, offering a survey of its spectrum of conceptual possibilities.

Gallery Berlin

Julie Mehretu | Epigraph, Damascus

Event 29.04.1630.07.16

BORCH Gallery & Editions are excited to present the print shop’s first collaboration with American artist Julie Mehretu. The monumental work entitled Epigraph, Damascus will see its inaugural exhibition in Berlin.

Gallery Berlin

Per Kirkeby | Serial Thinking

Event 12.03.1623.04.16

BORCH Gallery is bringing Per Kirkeby’s latest etchings and monotypes to Berlin. The solo exhibition Serial Thinking will demonstrate the crucial role that printmaking plays in the context of Kirkeby’s artistic œuvre.

Gallery Berlin

Carsten Höller, Superflex, Danh Vō | Recent Projects

Event 16.01.1605.03.16

BORCH Gallery is dedicating its first exhibition in 2016 to works by Carsten Höller, SUPERFLEX and Danh Vo. Bringing their latest projects to Berlin, the show will demonstrate the diverse ways in which contemporary artists translate their conceptual work approach into the medium of photogravure.

Gallery Berlin

Tal R | A Happy Madness of Colors

Event 31.10.1509.01.16

BORCH Gallery & Editions are pleased to present the latest results of our two-decade-long collaboration with Tal R. His solo exhibition A Happy Madness of Colors will gather the artist’s most recent woodcuts and etchings, many of which have never been shown in Berlin before.

Gallery Berlin

Matt Saunders | A Year with 17 Moons

Event 11.09.1524.10.15

We are looking very much forward to present the results of our collaboration with Matt Saunders in a solo exhibition in our Berlin Gallery.

Gallery Berlin

Georg Baselitz | Baselitz druckt

Event 01.05.1512.09.15

BORCH Gallery & Editions is pleased to present the results of our 25-year long collaboration with Georg Baselitz. The exhibition ‘Baselitz druckt’ shows a range of works including new etchings – all of them produced in our print shop in Copenhagen.

Gallery Berlin

Flora Danica | John Kørner, Tal R, Per Kirkeby, Marianne Grønnow, Lise Blomberg, Danh Vo, Trine Søndergaard & Nicolai Howalt, Morten Schelde, and Erik A. Frandsen

Event 14.03.1525.04.15

BORCH Gallery is proud to present for the first time in Berlin the Flora Danica project which was inaugurated in 2012 on occasion of an exhibition at the Natural History Museum of Denmark telling the story of one of the worlds most comprehensive and ambitious encyclopaedias of botany, the “Icones Florae Danicae” also known as Flora Danica.

Gallery Berlin

Arturo Herrera | Dance

Event 17.01.1507.03.15

Arturo Herrera’s recent works for this exhibition pay tribute to the history of dance. The works take as their starting point a book of photographs by the late Russian-French Serge Lido entitled Danse, published in 1947, from which the exhibition borrows its name.

Gallery Berlin

35 + 15, Celebrating 50 Years of Niels Borch Jensen

Event 22.11.1409.01.15

BORCH Gallery is delighted to present a survey exhibition of works celebrating the past 35 years at the print shop in Copenhagen and 15 years at the gallery in Berlin. We are bringing together works made in our print shop from the early days to the present, showcasing a range of techniques and artists from across the globe.

Gallery Berlin

Jean-Michel Basquiat Through Nicholas Taylor

Event 12.09.1408.11.14

BORCH Gallery is delighted to present a series of photogravure portraits of Jean-Michel Basquiat by Nicholas Taylor.

Gallery Berlin

Richard Winther | Selected Photographs

Event 27.06.1431.07.14

BORCH Gallery is honored to introduce for the first time in Germany the photographic work of Danish artist Richard Winther. This is the second collaborative exhibition between Niels Borch Jensen and Gallery Taik Persons.

Gallery Berlin

Tacita Dean | Quatemary

Event 03.05.1421.06.14

BORCH Gallery is delighted to invite you to an exhibition of Tacita Dean’s latest print project: ‘Quatemary’ is a contructed landscape of post-apocalpytic ruin, composed of found 19th Century albumen prints merged with the artist’s writings and drawings.

Gallery Berlin

Iñaki Bonillas & Sandra Vasquez de la Horra

Event 14.03.1426.04.14

BORCH Gallery & Editions is delighted to announce an exhibition of two projects by Iñaki Bonillas and Sandra Vasquez de la Horra, to be exhibited at the gallery for the first time.

Gallery Berlin

Olafur Eliasson, Adam Jeppesen & Joakim Eskildsen | The Return of the Real

Event 17.01.1408.03.14

BORCH Gallery is pleased to present a collaborative exhibition with Gallery Taik Persons featuring the works of three Danish artists: Olafur Eliasson, and Adam Jeppesen presented by Niels Borch Jensen, and Joakim Eskildsen presented by Taik Persons.

Gallery Berlin

Thaddeus Strode | Everybody wants to go to heaven, but no one wants to die

Event 02.11.1320.12.13

BORCH Gallery is pleased to present our first exhibition with the Los Angeles-based artist Thaddeus Strode

Gallery Berlin

Tacita Dean, Carsten Höller, and Danh Vō | New Print Projects

Event 21.09.1326.10.13

BORCH Gallery is proud to present new print projects by Tacita Dean, Carsten Höller and Danh Vō.