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Tal R | Blomster uden titel

Posted 25.06.21

Each of the five prints in the suite Blomster uden titel depict a bouquet of flowers picked by Tal R from around his home in the Danish countryside.

New editions

Trine Søndergaard | Untitled

Posted 03.03.21

Trine Søndergaard has created a series of six portraits of women whose faces are covered by their draped hair.

New editions

Ragnar Kjartansson | Fire

Posted 05.11.20

Ragnar Kjartansson’s first collaboration with BORCH Editions simultaneously marks his first exposure to the medium of printmaking. It resulted in a suite of twenty-five etchings and seven large-scale woodcuts.

New editions

Ragnar Kjartansson | Repent

Posted 05.11.20

The suite of twenty-five etchings is a collection of self-contained vignettes; poetic, comical, sometimes absurd scenes combining image and text.

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Julie Mehretu | Slouching Towards Bethlehem

Posted 04.11.20

In four chromatic large-scale prints Julie Mehretu combines photogravure with classic intaglio printing techniques.

Art fairs

IFPDA Fine Art Print Fair New York 2020 Moves Online

Event 13.05.2014.06.20

The largest international art fair celebrating printmaking has been postponed to October 2021. Instead, the fair has moved online 13 May – 14 June 2020 at
BORCH Gallery & Editions is pleased to participate in the inaugural IFPDA Online Fine Art Print Fair 2020.

Borchs Butik Copenhagen, News

BORCHs Butik closes December 2019

Event 14.12.19

Originally designed as a pop-up exhibition space, BORCHs Butik in Copenhagen has hosted more than 40 solo- and group exhibitions with more than 60 artists since its opening in 2014.

New editions

Alexander Tovborg | Monotypes

Posted 18.12.18

Alexander Tovborg’s recent woodcuts and monotypes focus on the myths surrounding the French saint Joan of Arc.


Danh Vō’s (Art)ifacts | Art in Print

Posted 25.09.18

Art in Print’s Nicole Meily review of Danh Vō’s solo exhibition ‘Take my Breath Away‘ at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum in New York.


Asger Jorn | Out of the basement | kvadratinterwoven

Posted 18.09.18

Kristian Vistrup Madsen’s article on Asger Jorn’s discovered linocut blocks.


Interview | Niels Borch Jensen | Why Editions Matter

Posted 04.07.18

Printmaking stalwart Niels Borch Jensen discusses 40 years in the business.
by Clément Dirié

New editions

John Zurier | Etchings

Posted 10.06.18

John Zurier’s etchings bear witness to his investigative approach to the medium of printmaking. Working on the copper plates he consciously avoided printing techniques which require the use of a brush – his most crucial tool in his artistic practice as a painter.


Tacita Dean | Royal Academy of Arts

Posted 18.05.18

The large-scale colour photogravure Quarantania, BORCH Editions’ most ambitious print project to date, is on display at the Royal Academy of Arts.


Niels Borch Jensen blogs about the Small Wonders at IFPDA Fine Art Print Fair 2017 |

Posted 17.12.17

Niels Borch Jensen’s blog entry for about the ‘Small Wonders’ that could be found at the New York Fine Art Print Fair.

New editions

John Zurier | October Notes

Posted 18.09.17

“What I like about etching is that it is a mental and physical construction involving both a direct and an indirect process. And there is nothing like an etched line. It carries an authority, presence and weight all its own. Even haphazard incidental lines, random scratches, and the most delicate wavering marks remain with clarity.”
– John Zurier

New editions

Stanley Whitney | Etchings

Posted 18.10.16

Stanley Whitney’s work is a vibrant statement for the significance of abstraction in contemporary art. In his series of eight black-and-white etchings, he abandons his signature grid in favour of a more investigative style, skilfully exploring the potential of different etching techniques.


Interview | Niels Borch Jensen | Chart Art Fair 2016

Posted 30.08.16

An interview with Niels BORCH Jensen by I DO ART Agency in collaboration with CHART Art Fair

Art fairs, News

CHART presents Niels Borch Jensen

Posted 26.08.16

An interview with Niels Borch Jensen.

New editions

John Zurier | Etchings

Posted 18.06.16

Zurier effortlessly translates his artistic practice as a painter from canvas to copper plate to make the very process of printmaking visible: The marks in the plate, executed by brush or needle, become evident; the force with which the paper is pressed into the indentations is almost palpable. The three-dimensionality of ink sitting on paper, the rich texture of the surfaces, the physical material at hand become the topic of a meditation on color and surface.

New editions

Huma Bhabha | The Unsubs

Posted 18.06.16

The title of Huma Bhabha’s series of etchings The Unsubs is inspired by the TV-show Criminal Minds. Here, the artist depicts unknown subjects or entities from an imaginary world, consciously avoiding characterization.


Interview | Niels Borch Jensen | fineartmultiple

Posted 01.11.15

Interview on fineartmultiple


BORCH Butik | Pop-up in the centre of Copenhagen

Posted 08.08.14

Niels Borch Jensen is delighted to announce the opening of a new pop-up gallery space in the centre of Copenhagen.

Art fairs, News

IFPDA Fine Art Print Fair New York 2013 | First Participation

Event 06.11.1310.11.13

We proudly announce our first participation at IFPDA Fine Art Print Fair, New York.
We show works by Al Taylor, Carsten Höller, Keith Haring, Georg Baselitz, Peter Linde Busk, Tal R, Sandra Vasquez De La Horra & Danh Vo.


Flora Danica | Natural History Museum Denmark

Posted 13.03.13

Lise Blomberg, Erik A. Frandsen, Marianne Grønnow, Per Kirkeby, John Kørner, Tal R, Morten Schelde, Trine Søndergaard & Nicolai Howalt, and Danh Vo have collaborated with BORCH Editions to create a series of graphic works based on the encyclopedic of botany Flora Danica.