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Marie Rud Rosenzweig | Liminality

Behind the infamous catchphrase That’s all folks, concentric circles draw the attention towards an indefinable middle space.

Marie Rud Rosenzweig takes inspiration from the signature closing sequence of the American animated series Looney Tunes, which has ended every cartoon since the 1930s.

In Rosenzweig’s print, she has altered the iconic image to create a non-place that is at once familiar and mysterious. As a physical space, but also as a reflection of a psychological space, it is difficult to get a hold on. A liminal space describes a psychological state where you are on the threshold of something new or a kind of intermediate phase, which can often feel like an unsafe place to be. Anthropologists use the term ‘liminality’ to describe the middle stage in a rite of passage, where one has left the previous but not yet entered the new and defined next stage. It is a state where disorientation and uncertainty prevail.

Liminality is printed from three plates, in a colour arrangement of a rich orange, contrasted with a vivid blue and silvery-grey. The resulting colour palette of Rosenzweig’s print is contradictory and quirky, reflecting Rosenzweig’s intriguing universe.

Liminality, 2022

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