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John Zurier | Monotypes

John Zurier, Untitled, 2017

John Zurier’s second collaboration with BORCH Editions resulted in a series of new etchings and monotypes. Monotypes are unique works, created on a featureless plate. In contrast to other printing techniques, the artist does not leave permanent marks on the plate but simply paints on its surface; the plate serves as a vehicle to transfer the artist’s painting onto paper. Zuriers new monotypes are characterized by his delicate brushstroke and his signature use of colour.

In John Zurier’s works, seemingly monochromatic surfaces evolve into visual poetry. His language is minimal and at the same time very distinct: linear elements build up space through an interaction of presence and absence. Inspired by observations of natural phenomena, light conditions and colour, the works convey a characteristic calmness and purity.

John Zurier, born 1956 in Santa Monica, lives and works in Berkeley, California.

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