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Morten Schelde

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Morten Schelde creates entire fantastical worlds, toying with perspective and creating interiors, portraits, and landscapes bursting with symbolism.

Schelde’s depictions of nature are populated with wolves, bears, and horses, among other creatures, as recurring characters. For all his interest in the natural world, he is equally fixated on domestic spaces, such as beds, doorways and stairs. He blurs the line between the two, bringing the outside in, and vice versa, reflecting his interest in the dreamy conflation of different spaces. Formally, the artist emphasizes line, not only with his choice of media, but also in his compositional fixation on multiple perspectives.

Morten Schelde was born 1972 in Copenhagen, Denmark, where he still lives and works. lives and works. He has been collaborating with BORCH Editions since 2007.