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Georg Baselitz

Printmaking is an integral part of Georg Baselitz’s practice, in which painting and etching enter into a profound dialogue.

In contrast to his large-scale canvasses, Baselitz’ prints are more intimate, often focusing on the details that appear in his paintings. The gestural physicality of his brush strokes becomes even more evident in his prints. ‘Printmaking is all about focus and clarity’ , Baselitz explains. ‘Fast and with just a few scratches, light, almost frivolous, very modest, hidden on little sheets of white paper, there is this play of lines in a sketch that suggests the clear intention to do something for now and forever that really doesn’t serve the purpose of decorating parties and palaces or making a big deal of yourself by excelling at deception. Printmaking is intimate yet vivid, alive for both its own time and ours; it is immediate.’

Georg Baselitz, born 1938 in Deutschbaselitz, Germany, lives and works between Ammersee, Germany, Basel, Switzerland, Imperia, Italy, and Salzburg, Austria. He has been collaborating with the BORCH Editions since 1990.