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Frida Orupabo

The figures of Frida Orupabo’s imagery challenge the position of the viewer by rejecting objectification.

Frida Orupabo’s intuitive sense of assemblage is at play in both digital and physical formats. Initially, Orupabo started working with images by posting a curated selection of found material on Instagram (@nemiepeba). Concurrently with the growth of her online platform she soon started working with analogue image-making by printing out and cutting up photographic imagery from colonial archives and mass media. With a focus on the portrayal of women and the Black female body, Orupabo’s collages point out that the past is connected to the present. The need to create new ways of seeing by cutting out details, replacing and manipulating the subject confronts history and challenges positions of the gaze and the writing of history.

Frida Orupabo, born 1986 in Sarpsborg, Norway, she lives and works in Oslo, Norway. She has been collaborating with BORCH Editions since 2024.